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About Us

Premium Materials, No Middlemen

We were sick of ordering furniture online that was flimsy and marked-up by several intermediaries. Lola + Van tables are all made with expertly sourced materials - we manufacture everything in-house and ship the products directly to you. Top quality. No BS.

Lola + Van wants to make sure that our furniture doesn't cause any added stress. Our tables are built to move with you from your first place to your last. 

Humble Beginnings

When Jesse, one of our co-founders, bought his home two years ago, he couldn't wait to start decorating. Just like many first time home buyers, he wanted to create a beautiful living space but couldn't afford to break the bank. He searched through all of the typical e-commerce sites for the perfect furniture collection.

For the centerpiece of Jesse's living room, he wanted a white marble coffee table that would match the shaker white cabinets in his kitchen. Page-after-page of faux marble tables were rejected until, finally, the table of his dreams appeared on-sale. 

The table arrived a week later and immediately Jesse knew something was wrong - it was too light-weight to be a solid marble coffee table. After further investigation, he concluded that the table indeed had a marble veneer top layer which was hiding a medium-density fiberboard ("MDF") core. 

Jesse called Andy, his dad and now co-founder, who has over 15 years of manufacturing and importing experience. The goal was simple: create a line of solid marble coffee tables that were designer-quality, affordable, and required minimal assembly. Lola + Van was born.